This treatment describes the main images and scenes. The image references and animations are used only as visual examples.

The main idea of this treatment is to understand the style, plot and stylistic direction of the music video. 


Exterior base - day 

The video starts with a view of a futuristic base located above the clouds. 

animation (1).gif

Interior base - day

Overall plan, we see a futuristic laboratory with various tech details.

A silhouette of a person appears on the podium, later we see that it’s Eldzhey. He is ready for battle. 

animation (2).gif
animation (3).gif
animation (6).gif

With the beat, Eldzhey places his foot on a machine where roboarms appear on both sides with futuristic armor, they put the armor on Eldzhey. The armor is a brand, the idea is to mix futurism with fashion. 

Also, the robotic arms dress Eldzhey in his famous Supreme vest. 

animation (7).gif
animation (4).gif

A small laser appears in the scene, it can instantly tattoo Eldzhey’s arm and face.

Opposite is a large window where we see a silhouette of Don Diablo’s face.


He shows a sign of approval to Eldzhey, commenting on his style and tattoos. 


Eldzhey nods and we move to an overall plan. 

Wide shot. We see an armored Eldzhey. Th last details is put on him which is his helmet from Sayonara Detka (we may transform it during post production to have it light up). 

Don Diablo pushes a button and pulls a trigger which moves Eldzhey’s podium up. A soft light highlights his costume and he travels to the very top. 

animation (8).gif
animation (9).gif

A door opens before him, Eldzhey enters the door with a somersault in slow mo. The drop begins, Eldzhey is flying down fast, the sky is around him, sunny weather but below him are dark clouds. We show Eldzhey from various angles. 


In a moment he flies through the overcast, lightening is seen around him and Eldzhey is picked up by his BMW. 

Interior car - day/rain

The second verse begins inside a car. Because we flew through the overcast, they are surround by rain and lightening. Eldzhey drives his car fast and the water drops are carried by the wind.

animation (11).gif

Don Diablo appears on the passenger seat in a moment (like in Blade Runner 2048) and explain the mission to him, showing the road etc. he may have a shin gin Bacardi glass in his hand.

The camera flies out the front window, and a silhouette of a large robot figure appears in front of them among the dark clouds and fog. 


In the wide shot, we see the size difference between the small car and large robot. 
The drops starts. Eldzhey drives faster and in anime style drives towards the villain. Epic flying scenes are shown. They get closer to the robot and the scene ends.

animation (12).gif
animation (13).gif
animation (14).gif

Some time has passed, sunset, a drone passes by, the camera lowers slowly and we see Eldzhey sitting on the robots head. He is eating a wok or drinking Bacardi. The mission is accomplished, the villain is defeated, he can regain some “fuel”.

The scene will add some irony to the overall epic video.



Medet Shayakhmetov