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MIKE WILL MADE-IT & International Jefe




The main concept of the video is around title of the song

"Me vs Me" which will represent Jefe's constant challenge with himself

while it will be filled with some details of Jefe's life.

This treatment describes the main images and scenes. The image references and animations are used only as visual examples.

The main idea of this treatment is to understand the style, plot and art direction of the music video. 



Video starts from a shot of Jefe standing in the dark, next to himself, when beat drops he multiplies to infinity as a symbol of "Me versus Me"

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 6.38.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 6.35.00 PM.png

Next scene Jefe sits in the backseat of car and smokes a hookah with open door, and then we see him as well on the background performing, we can play with that scene as if they finishing lines after each other. 

On the other seat we can see

Mike Will Made it smoking blunt and singing along with some of the bars at the end.

Then we cut to a backdrop of Jefe's close up shot, performing, and he is in front of the projection smoking, performing.

Jefe is standing on the block, while 50 people around him is tiny, he performs his verse.

Jefe and his copies are walking around the sphere, we can see a car drifting on the background.

Jefe is surrounded by cars with lights on and performing, with some effect as referenced.

Dark abstract space, Jefe is performing and over loops with himself.

Jefe performing with a spot light on his face, camera pans to the side and he is also there, camera moves back and forth which will create a dialogue between himself.

At the final scene, we see a projection of Mike he can , and getting to a colored in solid color background behind him takes a knife or scissors and rips the background paper and gets through it and then we see him real

(not projected). We can roll a credits projecting on a background after he will leave the frame.




Medet Shayakhmetov

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